Silent Victims of Crime
The Children of Incarcerated Parents


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Don’t forget your Yoga Mat!


November 20, 2019


BarOne: 520 West ave #1, Miami Beach FL 33139



Chic In All Ages, Sizes & Colors

Those invited to speak, Ferial Youakim, Dr. Linell King and Amy Fuentes are there to let you know that you, your lifestyle and habits can be altered to assist you in being that 10 that you desire. The clinics with Rory Lee, Dr. Moore and Martu Freeman provide hands-on clinics that show the attendees how. While the mission of Professionally Fabulous is to experience ‘silly fun’ together, this conference will teach, encourage, and enable women to step out and become that 10 while having shared fun. The guests are invited to leave their suits and heels home and come ready to join Fabulous members having fun moving to yoga with Axelle Fleming and Kumo dance steps with the award -winning Anthony ‘Kumo’ Tineo.

We’ve learned that with the plethora of causes that we are married to, it is almost impossible to not recognize the needs of our community. For this, we have incorporated the WOKE Stage. Our 2018 WOW Conference recognized the Parkland tragedy and the ‘Me Too’ Movement. Congresswoman Shalala will discuss the diversity and unprecedented numbers of women elected to government seats. This ‘conference with a twist’ is complemented by the venue’s ambiance. The Bonaventure Resort has an indoor amphitheater, a multi-level Society Lounge and a rain forest with a white swan and Koi fish to greet you. As a matter of fact, we invite you to spend the night (Friday, June 7 th ) with the women of Fabulous.