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The Children of Incarcerated Parents
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The problem of parental incarceration is a shockingly pervasive issue. Approximately 15,000 children in Miami, and 2.5 million in the United States, have incarcerated parents. Many of these parents lived with their children prior to being sent to prison, suggesting that many of them were actively involved in their children’s lives prior to their incarceration. As such, when a parent is incarcerated, a huge void is left in the children’s lives, and they are left with uncertainty. Although some children and adolescents may recover quickly after adversity, traumatic experiences such as having a parent incarcerated can result in significant disruptions in child or adolescent development, with profound long-term consequences that they can carry into adulthood, such as an increase in the risk of low academic performance, engagement in high-risk behaviors, becoming homeless, dropping out of school, difficulties in peer and family relationships, and perpetuating intergenerational cycles of crime. As if these negative effects were not enough on their own, they are compounded by the social stigma that children of incarcerated parents may experience among their peers or even their teachers at school.



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