Silent Victims of Crime
The Children of Incarcerated Parents

Success Stories

Meet Our Children


Meet some of our children and discover their success stories.



Sundari joined “We stand for kids” when she was 7 years old at the library. She was very opinionated and outspoken, which she still is at age 22 and much wiser. Sundari was part of the theater group of our theater group and camp success where the team designed, presented and built Imagination Park. She entered Anderson University, went to Italy on a college grant and graduated with a degree in Computer Graphics. Later moved to Miami, met her future husband and is now residing in North Carolina.


Tae’Ja was our youngest, barely 5 years old and was the lead our play “Me and My Shadow” as well as “Annie”. She became part of our family with her sister and mom who also, went to college for nursing. Tae’Ja now attends Berea College in Eastern Kentucky, on a full scholarship and become a Chinese Professor. She is planning to go to China for several semesters through a college scholarship and dates a young man who majors in Japanese.



Little, Thinn and bald, at 5 years old, Xavier was convincing us soon after joining us that he was going to be a chef. His family was very supportive and was filmed in 2003 by Channel 4 News with his older sister. Shamicha works for Electrolux and has 2 children. And they appeared on TV as the first family in “We stand for kids”. He is now a Chef near Clemson, South Carolina in a famous Japanese Restaurant.


Shamyia was 2 years old when she wanted to join us and finally initiated our Leadership program when she was 5 years old. Mom decides to go to college for nursing and so did Shamyia who was involved in our programs “We stand for kids” with her brother and sister.  She has always made us proud with her grades, dancing and Pre-Nursing classes. Shamyia came to Miami for her graduation and returned in time to attend Nursing School.



At 6 years old we took her to visit her mother in prison every month. Her grandfather adopted her so he could have more control of her and education. Soon after she lost all her Medicaid benefits due to her adoption. Bad luck had it that, Candice became very ill with cancer. We spent many years watching her go through the illness and grandpa almost went bankrupt. Today, she has a degree in Accounting and has 2 children.


Dennis’s mom, dad were not available on a daily basis and grandma left him at an early age but Dennis was always a survivor. Everywhere, with everything, he showed his leadership, he was part of our first SVC leadership program in Florida. Dennis is amazing in many ways and although he was ready for college, he was turned down for not having a Local address. Once again he is almost graduating with an interest in criminal justice and working in security.