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The Children of Incarcerated Parents


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Silent Victims of Crime (SVC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to empower children of incarcerated parents in South Carolina and Florida by providing educational enrichment, social support, and positive mentoring through our partnership with Children of Inmates (COI), assistance with prison bonding visitation. We have operated in South Carolina since 2002 and Florida since 2011. Established in Miami by Paulette Pfeiffer, a philanthropist with 22 years of experience working with children of inmates, SVC's goal is to mitigate the risk factors associated with incarceration and help these children succeed in life. Today, our main program is LEADERSHIP, a mentoring program for children ages 5+ in Miami, aimed at teaching the children prosocial principles such as problem solving skills and career bound mentality through a wide range of educational and civic engagement activities. SVC also works with parents in CARE Court, a federal reentry program, helps COI coordinate specialized prison visitations to 19 facilities, and works to spread awareness about parental incarceration.

Our Mission is to assist children of inmates by enhancing their ability to improve their economic, educational and personal stability and addressing behavioral, social and mental issues. We help these at-risk children to deal with life challenges in a positive, proactive manner that empowers them to make wise choices and contribute positively to society.

“SVC” uses a Methodology we call The “5 Circles of Support”created by our founder in 1996, based on collaborations of families and community that follow a the common goal of achieving higher life standards.

  1. Youth Empowerment Programs

  2. Parent Programs

  3. Caregiver Support

  4. Community Collaboration

  5. Mentoring & Peer Support

Some of our programs include:

Prison Visitation to maintain a connection between the incarcerated parent and their child. We coordinate day-long visits to correctional facilities in Florida through a partnership with Children of Inmates.

Our South Carolina camps, started in 2002 provides educational focus and a sense of social responsibility in partnership with the Call Me MISTER Program at Clemson University.

Together we bring together young adults to act as a team during monthly community service and learning excursions.  Leadership and entrepreneurial skills, are developed so they can ultimately become positive role models and leaders in their community.



Our Team


Founder & Executive Director

Paulette Pfeiffer “Tinkerbell”

Tinkerbell was born in Poland, raised in South America, and speaks four languages fluently. As president of Global Executive Resources, she managed companies in 48 countries. Ms. Pfeiffer was instrumental in promoting the Court Interpreters Act (see below), and was selected one of the “Outstanding Young Women in America”.  She has made over 400 public appearances, many in foreign languages regarding the issues related to children of prisoners.

Ms. Pfeiffer’s philanthropic work includes: The Chicago Anti-Hunger, Junior Leadership, the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, We Stand for Kids, and Silent Victims of Crime.  All are programs for children who have a parent in prison.

In 2008, she joined efforts with Eastern Kentucky University to create The National Association for Children of Incarcerated Parents (NACIP).

Since her move to Miami, two years ago, she has partnered with The Service Network for Children of Inmates (COI), Lions Club, Center For Social Change, and has been the spokesperson on Telemundo, TV Azteca, Channel 4 News, 10 News, and lectures at Florida International University (FIU) and University of Miami (UM).


Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.40.25 PM.png

South Carolina Programs Director

Evelyn Opper

Evelyn Opper (Lady E) has worked with Silent Victims of Crime for 13 years. She was born in Poland to parents who survived the Holocaust and later immigrated to the United States. She attended the Parsons School of Design and the New School in New York City and worked as an interior decorator for ten years. She is fluent in English and Polish. She joined Americorps Vista for We Stand for Kids in 2005, where she worked closely with its founder, Paulette Pfieffer. Since then, she’s gotten to know the families involved in the program and they’ve become an important part of her life as she shares in their achievements such as graduations, births, and job successes. Evelyn has a warm, glass-half-full personality and is always eager to get to know new people, learn new skills, and participate in new things. 

To Evelyn, family is the most important thing in her life and anyone that knows her always hears and gets to see a photo of her son, Marc, and his family.



chairman of the board

David Massey, Partner at Howell Lovells.

He understands that a company’s most important strategic objectives are often achieved, or preserved, through litigation. Less often, a company’s survival depends on the effectiveness of its litigation counsel. David focuses on being an advisor and business partner to clients with complex business challenges in high-stakes and bet-the-company matters.

In litigation, creative strategies, an effective client relationship, and a deep understanding of the client’s business and key objectives are essential to delivering successful outcomes and defeating potentially fatal threats. David’s experience in high-stakes matters and unique adeptness at crafting vital strategic advantages makes him a valued business partner when it really counts. He is a “lawyer’s lawyer” that other attorneys often turn to when the stakes are high.

Prior to joining Hogan Lovells, David worked for another major law firm. He clerked for the Honorable K. Michael Moore, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. He also served as a judicial intern for the Honorable Henry B. Pitman, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; the Honorable David G. Trager, United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York; and the Honorable Deborah Kaplan, Supreme Court, New York. David also served as a Sergeant in the infantry of the United States Marine Corps.




Neal Pfeiffer, Global Food Industries CFO

Mr. Neal Pfeiffer has been in his own business since 1973. In 1982, in order to help feed under-privileged people, he began to create formulas for the institutional foodservice market in the United States and abroad. The areas served are schools, correctional institutions, charitable feeding agencies, hospitals and armed services.

Excellence in quality control, outstanding customer service, and adapting to nutrition and health trends have made Neal Pfeiffer’s company prosper. Most products are created as fully nutritious meals (high in protein) using all natural flavors and no artificial preservatives.

Mr. Neal Pfeiffer has a varied background as an entrepreneur in turnkey food processing and plant construction. In 1982, he founded an Illinois based food manufacturing and distribution facility called Global Food Industries, Incorporated. As president of the company, he developed all facets of the business including building a sales organization that markets products on a domestic and international basis. In conjunction with two other entities, a consortium was formed which put into service over 20 international food processing and production facilities. This capability literally consists of planting the seed, harvesting, processing and packaging various food products for domestic as well as international distribution. 

 Mr. Pfeiffer has served on the Board of Directors of the Royal American Food Company and of the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. He is also a member of several trade organizations such as the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates. Most recently Neal and his wife, Paulette Pfeiffer started a non-profit organization that services children with incarcerated parents, Silent Victims of Crime, which operates in Anderson, South Carolina and Miami, Florida.


GFI Sandra.jpg


Sandra Joseph, Global Food Industries Executive Director

Sandra was born and raised in Mali, West Africa. She graduated from the International Business School of Poitiers, France (ESC Poitiers) with a degree in International Business in 1996. That same year she moved to Chicago, Illinois and to join Global E. Resources, an international development consulting firm. 

In 1998, she relocated to South Carolina to work for Global Food Industries, Inc., a manufacturing company specializing in shelf-stable food products for schools and correctional markets and has been the Executive Director.

In 2002 to 2005, Ms. Joseph served on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization called We Stand For KIDS, a pilot program in South Carolina for children of incarcerated parents and their families. She also mentored three children participating in the program. When Silent Victims of Crime was founded in 2005, she joined the advisory committee for this organization whose mission is to break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration by leading youth to be college bound, not jail bound.



Board Member

Bill Ghitis, Bian International LLC CEO

Mr. Ghitis is the CEO of BIAN International LLC, a global business advisory company. He supports various CEO’s in the Americas and Europe, adding value by leveraging his unique experiences, capabilities and insights. He also serves on the Board of Directors of distinguished companies as well as start-ups and local charities and universities.

Mr. Ghitis has enjoyed a successful global business career with DuPont and Koch Industries, his last assignment being President of Global Apparel LYCRA® of Koch/Invista.

He has led large global organizations to succeed in highly competitive and changing markets. He has acquired considerable depth of general management experience, global background, cultural appreciation, profit and revenue improvements, brand building, marketing, sales and customer building skills, as well as company restructurings and cost reduction initiatives, consistently growing bottom and top lines of the businesses he led and managed.

Originally from Italy, Mr. Ghitis is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian and was educated in both the USA and Europe. His roles within DuPont and Invista/Koch have shifted back and forth between the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia, especially China. he presently resides in the US and has also become a US citizen.



Board Member

Julian Johnston, Calibre International Realty

Whether it’s fantastic vacation homes overlooking the sun-kissed waters of Biscayne Bay, or modern condos at the center of Miami’s hottest attractions, Julian Johnston has the expertise to find the home of your dreams. With over twelve years of experience in residential real estate, Julian has become one of the leading waterfront home broker in Miami Beach. In 2012, Julian achieved the record highest sales price for a condo in Florida, being $25,000,000, for PH 1 at the Continuum. In 2013, Julian represented international buyers closing on 2550 Lake Ave for $15,250,000 and 4580 N Bay Road for $20,000,000. With a focus on waterfront homes in the unique Miami Beach islands, he has the resources to find the idyllic property to meet his clients’ needs.




Deborah Scarpa

Deborah Scarpa is an accomplished and experienced marketing expert across all platforms. DJS3 LLC, the company has accumulated a roster of celebrated clients in fashion, fine jewelry and watches, real estate and other luxury products and services. Her career has been celebrated with prestigious awards throughout the company’s 25-years of prominence in the media, hospitality, luxury goods and retail sectors. Ms. Scarpa’s new digital arm is developing an innovative, strategic approach, and software, in order for advertisers to determine their best-integrated approach for today’s pier-to-pier marketing strategies and all forms of social media tailored toward global e commerce.

Ms. Scarpa has developed a unique activist marketing approach, which is an integral part of marketing communication today…authenticity. It is a communication and business development tool that is at the forefront of new marketing campaigns. As corporations grow and become national and multinational, the sensitivity to their environments, current social issues and unique target audiences is the cultural imperative. Mixed with Ms. Scarp’s own metamorphosis and expertise in market trends, is how she came about assisting the founder of Silent Victims of Crime, Paulette Pheifer better known as Tinkerbelle. “Being a socially conscious business person is part of being a good citizen and steward of your company.” Says Deborah Scarpa. “We must all do our part in helping society when ever we can and SVC is such a great cause.”



Advisory Committee Chairperson

Judith Pucknat

Judith Pucknat is born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. While studying at the Hotel Business School in Amsterdam, she started at the age of 22, working for an owner developer where she sold luxurious holiday homes in France. As she proved to be outstanding in her sales, she decided to start her own company in selling second homes. With JF Real Estate International she expanded her marked with selling real estate in Ibiza, Portugal and Morocco.
With her wide experience of selling real estate abroad and her excellent communication and negotiating skills as well as her understanding of her client’s needs, she will guarantee exquisite assistance in selling or buying your real estate. Judith is committed and available to her clients at any time.
Fluent in English, Dutch and German, those who work with Judith can be assured that no detail of the real estate transaction will be overlooked and she will guide her clients to closing with the best service and highest standards of integrity and professionalism.



Advisory committee - Family coordination

Midia Hasso

"Since my first time meeting Tinkebell and the kids, I have fallen in love with the purpose of SVC and the people who support it and drive it forward. I met Tink and the kids in February 2018 and my life has changed since then and taken on new meaning with them in my life. Once you meet Tinkerbell and the kids and feel how much love everyone has to share and give, it is impossible to not want to do more for the cause of SVC and these amazing loving kids. The monthly leadership events provide a great way for volunteers to openly get to know the kids and have ability to truly have an impact on their lives. Through SVC, we are able to show and teach the kids of opportunities that they would have never been exposed to in their current every day life. I candidly believe that it is all of our duties to make sure that we do whatever it takes to ensure that these kids have the same opportunities to succeed in the world as someone who does not have a parent incarcerated. 

I have since adopted to mentor one of the families and learned so much from the kids about their outlook on life and how I can help them to reach their goals with SVC. Not a day goes by, without me thinking about Tink and the kids and what I can do to help the purpose of SVC. One of my favorite quotes is “the secret of living is giving” and that is truthfully what one is able to do with SVC and all of its unique programs."