Silent Victims of Crime
The Children of Incarcerated Parents


Youth Arts Programs


Youth Arts Programs are a critical part of our calendar of yearly activities. It has been shown that arts programs really can have an impact on young people. Not only can such programs enhance their attitudes about themselves and their futures, but the programs can also increase academic achievement and decrease delinquent behavior. SVC develops a variety of activities, including art, dance, theater, and music classes, which are an extension of our after school activities programs.

These are folded into our yearly activities calendar on a weekly, or bi-weekly, basis. Often, these are coordinated with our key partners, like The Boys and Girls Club, The Colombian Lions Clubs, FIU, and Clemson University. We are also delighted to be able to provide culturally enriching excursions for our children to the Perez Art Museum, Adrian Arts, and other local theaters and concert facilities, generously donated to our organization throughout the year.