Silent Victims of Crime
The Children of Incarcerated Parents




Teen LEADERSHIP is a program that we have developed to encourage our children to deal with issues relating to their family, as well as teach them their place in society as contributing members, not as victims or dependents on the system. We initiate volunteers to work with our children as mentors in their development as Teen Leaders. These volunteers can also be children of inmates or they can be educators or citizens who sympathize with this silent group of children and can work with them, providing them the skills they need to become Teen Leaders and positive contributing members of our society.

Camp Counselors – Silent Victims of Crime has their very own camp in South Carolina. Each year we reward our Teen Leaders by giving them a special trip to this beautiful location. They get away and have a chance to just have fun. They also get awards for their achievements in a variety of areas. Mostly, we want our children to be college bound or seek higher training in an area of their interest and choice. We need volunteers to mentor these children during the entire year so that they get the “points” they need to qualify for Teen LEADERSHIP. However, volunteers are needed in a variety of areas for all of our camp programs throughout the year.

As part of our program, we also plan our monthly “Birthday Club” where we celebrate the children, many of whom have never had a birthday party in their life.