Silent Victims of Crime
The Children of Incarcerated Parents


Youth Council


An integral part of our process at SVC is to energize our teens to become role models in the Miami Mentoring Youth Council, a critical part of our Teen Leadership Program. The purpose of the Youth Council is to promote mentoring as the key youth development strategy. This empowers our youth and young adults throughout our community to build critical thinking, values, and discipline which, in turn, elevates our programs and strengthens the youth mentoring relationships.

The Council membership is an incentive program that is offered to all of our children; to inspire them to be leaders and active participants in their community, whether it be within the realm of SVC outreach, or outside, as part of a variety of other established partner programs. This very important initiative helps us fulfill the mission of SVC by empowering our children and giving them a voice that benefits their lives, and the lives of their peers, in our community. This positive contribution and participation in all of our leadership activities is what we strive for when working with each child. They participate in meetings where they express their opinions and insights regarding issues that affect the lives of youth.

In order to be eligible to be part of Miami Mentoring Youth Council, the child must be 11 years or older and a participant in our programs for at least 2 years. They must show an interest or an increase in their school performance, and must attend and participate in a standard amount of our youth council meetings. They must fill out our application thoroughly, and a formal acceptance is all part of a very important process that makes all of their positive actions matter to our community.